Youth Accounts

If you have children, you know how important it is to watch your finances. Beyond the everyday needs, you can visualize college, those "important designer" clothes, and the "I really need a car" that will hit you down the road.

Why not teach them to maintain their own finances while they're still young? You can do that with one of our Youth Program Accounts. We have the Dollar Dog Kids Club for children 12 and under. If you've already faced those teenager needs, open a Cha-Ching Teen Club account for them. Once they reach the age of 18 to 24, it's really time for them to get a grip on their own affairs, so you'll want them to get in line with The Edge. Each of these programs offer options to teach kids some responsibility, give them the knowledge of what good financial practices can mean while providing them with solid money management tools.

Take the time to review the one that fits your youth's age group and sign them up today.

Dollar Dog Kids Club. Are your children (12 and under) ready for a savings account? Teach them good savings habits at a young age, and let them open a Dollar Dog Kids Club Account. If they already have a savings account with SwRCFCU, it will automatically convert to this new account, which has lots of benefits.

  • Fun Chest Gift – Free gift for joining and with every deposit into a Dollar Dog Kids Club account. Simply make a deposit and choose a gift from the Fun Chest.
  • Membership Card – An official club membership card that kids love.
  • Games & Contests – Free prize drawings, coloring contests, and more.
  • Online Dollar Dog Kids Club Areas – Visit our web site for interactive fun things to do for parents and children!
  • Special Events & Celebrations – Extra fun for all Dollar Dog Kids Club members on selected holidays and other special occasions.
  • Financial Tools for Kids – Education is the key to success. Club activities and tools are designed to help kids learn money management.
  • Becomes a Cha-Ching Teen Club Account - Automatically converts at age 13.
  • And More!

Cha-Ching Teen Club. Do you associate your children and “cha-ching” as money going out of your pocket? Let us change that image. For teens between the ages of 13 to 17, our Cha-Ching Teen Club™ is just what they’ll want and what you need. To help them build some solid money management tools that you can supervise, sign them up today and reap rewards. This account will automatically convert to The Edge at age 18.

  • Savings Accounts – No cost to open and no minimum balance requirement.
  • Checking Accounts – The first order of checks is free. This checking account is non-interest bearing and has no minimum balance requirement. Make up to ten transactions per month with no service charge. After that, a service charge of $.25 per transaction will apply.
  • MasterCard Debit Card – Once a share draft/checking account is established, your teen can enjoy the same convenience you do, and it’s safer than carrying cash. 
  • Southwest Online Banking – You and your teen can manage their accounts and review deposits and spending habits.
  • Southwest Connection – You’re able to verify account balances, make transactions, and more from any touch-tone phone.
  • Education Sessions are available.
  • No-cost Financial Planning – Your teen can realize their financial goals with solutions tailored to their needs when using this plan.
  • Additional Products Available – A signed parental agreement is required for vehicle or computer loans, signature or student loans, or a MasterCardcredit card.
  • Becomes The Edge Young Adult Account – Automatically progresses at age 18.

The Edge. Young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 need to start managing their own finances, and The Edge™ is just the tool to handle those needs. When you sign up, you'll get the tools to manage your money along with financial tips about saving, spending, and borrowing money.

  • Savings and Checking Accounts – A free savings account is where to put your money for your goals. A checking account helps you track expenses and spending.
  • MasterCard Debit Card – Provides the same acceptance as a credit card, and it has no annual fee. The money comes directly out of your checking account. 
  • Southwest Online Banking – Review your deposits and spending habits anytime. Free online statement delivery and imaged checks available.
  • Southwest Connection – Verify account balances, make transactions and more from any touch-tone phone.
  • MasterCard Credit Card – Our card offers one low rate, and available credit when you need it.
  • Vehicle Loans – When you’re ready to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle, see the Credit Union first. We can help you with a loan that will fit your budget.
  • Investment Accounts – An IRA or Share Certificate is a secure way to save, and they pay a higher rate of return on your money! Terms range from 6 to 60 months.
  • Other Services and Products – These include safe deposit boxes, money market accounts, financial planning, education sessions, and more!