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NCUA Tips for Seniors

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) has created a couple of videos containing tips for senior citizens who may be targeted by scam artists or financial abusers.  These videos show what could be happening to some of our members.  We ask that you take a few minutes to view them, and even if you don't qualify as a senior, you might be able to help someonelse you feel may be caught in one of these situations.

How Much Money Would Make You Happy?

According to an survey by CNN Money, it’s not as much as you might think.  As we go out into the working world, our desire is to make a lot of money.  Dreaming of being a millionaire sounds really good, but when you get down to it, most of know that this is unrealistic.  As long as we’re not wondering where the next meal is coming from, most of us are content with just making a good salary.  When people were asked how much money would make them happy, just over half of them said it would take less than $100,000.

Thinking of Retiring?

If you're nearing retirement age, take a look at what Social Security has to offer.

Make Wise Decisions About Your Money

Do your know where your money goes or if you can afford to buy that new car you want? Take a look at these tips, click here.

More Ways to Save

Here's another list of things to think about when your trying to save a little money.

Journey To Launch: 5 Things Your College Kids Need To Master To Get To Independence

Five things adulthood-bound grads need to understand to get off on the right financial foot.  More>>

Tips to Save Money

Browse this article for some helpful tips on how to save money.

Tips for College Students on Credit Card Use

In today's world, almost everyone has a credit card, but college students can easily get off track on what that card can do to their credit score.  More>>

How to Buy a Home Directly from the Owner

If you're interested in purchasing a home without all the "middle man" hassle, here's an article to help you avoid realtor involvement.  More>>

30 Easy Ways to Save Money

Don't be offended by the name of the source because the information given in this article offers some great tips to save money.  Some of them seem simple, but somehow don't jump to the forefront when we think about ways to save.  More>>

Credit Card Scam

You think you're doing someone a simple favor, but by doing so, it could cost you a lot.
There are so many scams going on that it's hard to keep up with all the warnings we hear about, but this one seemed so innocent in the beginning. Please take the time to watch this video and see just how easy it is for someone to scam you with your credit card info.

Three Keys to a Big Nest Egg

Sometimes it feels like there are roughly 200 different “rules to retiring with money” out there. In an effort to keep things simple, here are three guidelines. Follow these tips and there’s a good chance you’ll head into your golden years with a plump retirement nest egg.  More>>

Benefits of Using a Credit Union

Not everyone uses a credit union but a lot of people who do belong to one find great benefits in their membership. Many times people sign up for a credit union after they get married, creating a joint account where they share their finances.  More >>