Computer Security Links

Updating your Windows on a PC

Microsoft has dropped support for Windows XP, and states that their later versions now have built-in Windows Defender.  To find assistance for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and multiple versions of Windows 8, you can click here for assistance.  

Updating your Mac

There are multiple ways to update. Instructions for updates and differences between updates and upgrades can be found here:

Multi-Protection Packages – Fee Required

In today's world antivirus is only part of being safe online. In addition to knowing how to safely use web, email, instant messaging and file-sharing services you should also use additional technology to foil the criminals. The products below offer firewalls, anti-phishing tools, and other features to provide added protection.

AVG Internet Security:

McAfee Total Protection:

TrendMicro Internet Security:

Symantec Norton Internet Security:

Single and Multi-Protection Packages – Free Downloads

There are programs that either came with your computer or are free for download that, when used properly, can provide much of the protection offered by fee-based services. These programs generally come with no warranty and limited support but are still a great alternative to having out-of-date or no protection at all.

AVG Antivirus Free Edition (Antivirus Only)

Comodo Internet Security (Antivirus and Firewall)

Microsoft Security Essentials

Using your computer's built-in firewall

Many modern computers come equipped with a built-in personal firewall to protect them from unauthorized connections from other computers. The two most common systems today run Microsoft Windows or Apple OSX. Visit the links provided to gain a better understanding of the firewall software and how to use it.

Apple OS X

Microsoft Windows

Updating Other Applications

Your computer probably has dozens of programs installed providing a ton of features and tools. These programs need to be kept up-to-date too. Some of the common applications and their associated update procedures are listed below:

Oracle Java

Adobe Acrobat / Acrobat Reader

For Windows

For Mac