Computer Security Links

Updating your Windows 7 PC

Microsoft Windows 7 Action Center is the new home for updating activities. Click here and watch the video:

Updating your Windows Vista PC

There are two ways to update. Instructions for both methods are found here:

Updating your Windows XP PC

There are two ways to update. Instructions for both methods are found here:

Updating your Mac

There are multiple ways to update. Instructions for updates and differences between updates and upgrades can be found here:

Multi-Protection Packages – Fee Required

In today's world antivirus is only part of being safe online. In addition to knowing how to safely use web, email, instant messaging and file-sharing services you should also use additional technology to foil the criminals. The products below offer firewalls, anti-phishing tools, and other features to provide added protection.

AVG Internet Security:

McAfee Total Protection:

TrendMicro Internet Security:

Symantec Norton Internet Security:

Single and Multi-Protection Packages – Free Downloads

There are programs that either came with your computer or are free for download that, when used properly, can provide much of the protection offered by fee-based services. These programs generally come with no warranty and limited support but are still a great alternative to having out-of-date or no protection at all.

AVG Antivirus Free Edition (Antivirus Only)

Comodo Internet Security (Antivirus and Firewall)

Microsoft Security Essentials

Using your computer's built-in firewall

Many modern computers come equipped with a built-in personal firewall to protect them from unauthorized connections from other computers. The two most common systems today run Microsoft Windows or Apple OSX. Visit the links provided to gain a better understanding of the firewall software and how to use it.

Apple OS X

Microsoft Windows

Updating Other Applications

Your computer probably has dozens of programs installed providing a ton of features and tools. These programs need to be kept up-to-date too. Some of the common applications and their associated update procedures are listed below:

Oracle Java

Adobe Acrobat / Acrobat Reader

For Windows

For Mac